Women’s Advocate Program

OSSTF/FEESO believes that the union has a role to play in assisting members who are experiencing workplace sexual harassment, intimate violence, and abuse. Therefore, OSSTF/FEESO is demonstrating this commitment by announcing our new Women’s Advocate Program.

Women’s Advocates are not counselors. They are specially trained volunteers who can provide support for women who may need assistance accessing workplace supports and community services or resources.

The Women’s Advocate Program was developed to provide support to members experiencing or impacted by domestic violence. OSSTF/FEESO knows, in addition to employers, unions have a role to play in protecting and supporting women in need. OSSTF/FEESO has trained between 2 to 5 Women’s Advocates to work in every district. Two videos were created to assist Districts in educating their executives and members on the Women’s Advocate program, what role advocates play in the district, and to provide helpful hints to assist District and Bargaining Unit officers in setting up a successful Women’s Advocate program in their District.

What Do Women’s Advocates Do?
– Provide a space for other workers to talk.
– They listen, believe, validate, and assist.
-Are empathetic, non-judgmental, discreet, and confidential.
– Are educated on issues of gender-based violence and the impacts on workers and their lives.
A video overview of the OSSTF/FEESO Women’s Advocate Program

Clarington Region
Carly Webb
(905) 259-7668

Katrina Read
(905) 226-5746

Lynn Pineau
(705) 808-4994