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How to Report a Health and Safety Hazard

  • Step 1: Report the issue to the school/building’s Health and Safety Representative
  • Step 2: Report the issue to the school/building’s Principal
  • Step 3: Check to make sure the issue has been flagged in our central reporting system (via minutes posted on health and safety board or through verbal confirmation with representative)
  • Step 4: If hazard continues to linger, engage a certified rep at the union office to escalate.
  • NOTE: If hazard poses an immediate threat to the health of anyone – it must be reported to the Principal immediately.

How to Report a Workplace Injury

If you are injured at work, it is essential that you report the circumstances to the board via the Incident report form as soon as possible. This will send a copy of the report to the union, your principal and Employee Health Services. The board will then reach out to discuss potential filing of WSIB paperwork and any follow up steps.

The incident report form can be found at –> staff –> KPR on the web –> Quick Form

How to Report Experiencing Workplace Violence

If you are experiencing workplace violence, threats of violence or any other experiences that are making your working day unpleasant, you have the right to report those experiences to the board and your union. This information will be used to determine next steps, including potential education working staffing supports, safety plans and deeper discussion at a workplace violence subcommittee. There is to be no reprisals or attempts to dissuade reporting in this manner. If it occurs call the union office immediately. Please do not use student names on the forms if possible.

The workplace violence report form can be found at –> staff –> KPR on the web –> Quick Form

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