TBU Committees

The Standing Committees of the TBU are: 

the Communications / Political Action Committee (CPAC)

CPAC is the committee responsible for coordination of political activity, including interactions with Federal, Provincial and Municipal representatives. This committee advises the TBU around issues of lobbying, election response and labour council involvement. CPAC is also responsible for the nomination and selection process for our My Federation and Excellence in Education awards. 

Chair: President Dave Warda

Members of the Committee: Chris Clarke, Martha Coward, Marianne Donovan, Stephen Hellenier, Ryan McCracken, Dorothy Noronha, Marc Paxton.

Next Meeting:

the Protective Services Committee (PSC)

PSC, formerly known as the Collective Bargaining Committee, is the group that advises the Member Protection Officer in the execution of their duties. This group provides front-line feedback around issues of contract maintenance and negotiating priorities.

Chair: Trish Bevan (Courtice)

Members of the Committee: Kevin Montag (CCSS), Mark Loster (Clarke HS), Matt Skoeplianos (BHS), Melanie Parkin (CIS campuses), Pam Ellis (PHHS), Scott Parr (CCI), Brent Marshall (ENSS), Kathy Winsley (CDHS), Jeff Winslow (Norwood), Tessa Martin (CRSS), Patrick Steeves (Adam Scott), Daniel McLean (TASSS), Mat Amyotte (Kenner), Jim Mulder (VHS), Kevin McFadden (Member Protection Officer)

the Equity and Diversity Committee; 

The Equity and Diversity Committee is an advisory group to promote antiracist and anti oppression knowledge in our union. We consider options for training offerings, run book clubs, maintain a lending library and participate in board-generated committees and training opportunities. 

Chair: VP Chris Clarke

Members: Rhonda Story (BHS), Christina Thomas (VHS), Carly Webb (CCSS)

the Health and Safety Committee; 

The Health and Safety Committee meets twice yearly to discuss emerging issues of the inspection and reporting process at our schools. Each school is expected to have their H&S representative participate in 4 quarterly inspections at their site, and these meetings with our office. We use this committee to promote Safety for All, and to improve reporting structures in our school board.

Chair: VP Chris Clarke

Members: the site inspection representatives at the various schools. List to be updated for the 2022-23 school year.